A professional resource for the effective management of conflict and change situations.
In dealing or deciding on an intervention option to deal with conflict, it is important to understand the nature, dynamics and level of conflict. Feel free to use our world-first Conflict Analysis Tool


A Systems Approach

The focus of RACS is to help Administrators, Leaders and Managers in institutions, organisations, and businesses in
South Africa deal effectively with change and conflicts and create lasting change and amicable outcomes.

Implicitly or explicitly, every institution, organisation or business has a system for managing disputes. In some cases, the system may be formal, with administrative hearings, courts, tribunals, and complex appeal and review processes. In other cases, organisations may have few if any formal means for managing conflict. In these instances, conflicts may be managed through informal negotiation and mediation or by simply lumping it.

As individuals, institutions, organisations, and nations become more aware of the ever-rising cost of conflict (in economic, relational, and human terms), many are seeking to design and implement systems to manage disputes with greater effectiveness and efficiency.  Being aware of this need, Resolve and Change Systems (RACS) provides a unique systems approach for the effective prevention, management, resolution and transformation of conflict and change situations.

+ Dispute Systems Design
+ Conflict Resolution interventions
+ Change Competency Team Building
+ Designing and Managing Change Environments
+ Growing and strengthening Business Relationships
+ Strategic Thinking and Planning
+ Coaching and Mentoring
+ Leadership Development
+ Systems Thinking

Our Practice

Over the past two decades, conflict resolution and change management have become more than just a set of skills and processes but a science. Many books, graduate and postgraduate programmes have been written and designed to produce ardent professionals in the field. The methodology and technology used by ourselves with 13 years experience is underpinned with cutting edge theory that informs our practice.

Our Practice provides professional intervention and training in mediating conflict, designing and facilitating change management/transformation processes, managing diversity, and facilitating negotiations.


Conflict analysis

Using diagnostic tools, we draw up a comprehensive “What is so” report detailing perceptions within the organisation, the themes of conflict, commonalities, causes and consequences of conflict, and various steps that might be taken.


Leadership engagement

We discuss the report findings with the leaders in the organisation, to allow them to take ownership for the “what’s so” and help them make a commitment to resolving the conflict.



Depending on the report findings, the intervention may be a mediation process, the facilitation of decisions or plans, drawing up a plan to manage diversity as a tool for integration, or capacity building.


Agreement and implementation

We use a proven and thought through agreement and implementation project management format to ensure sustainability, follow through and tracking of agreements.


Capacity building

Clients learn key problem-solving and communication skills, to ensure the agreements are satisfactorily implemented.


Mentoring and Coaching

Regular meeting with clients ensures that the agreements become effective, and that early intervention can take place, if required.