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Leveraging diversity has many strategic benefits

MORE than 15 years into democracy, discourse on diversity in the workplace continues to be fueled by political and social agendas. For many, transformation is still an issue of compliance, but evidence is mounting that inclusivity and diversity make strategic business sense and can increase competitiveness.

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World cup unity – a tonic for organisational change?

If national pride is measured in flag visibility, South Africa has surely blasted off the scales of the national pride barometer. The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been nothing less than a momentous success, and while some are concerned the current groundswell of patriotism will fizzle out into a listless hangover come the end of the tournament, there is much hope that the country, organisations and businesses can continue to leverage off it for years to come.

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‘From Competition to Collaboration’ Workshop was facilitated by CEO, Craig Arendse and co-facilitator, Rene Ngwenya. Day 1 provided the space for introduction of both the program, facilitators and participants. Various systems of conflict management were introduced and identified.


Day 2 of the ‘From Competition to Collaboration’ Workshop unpacked the various skills and tools needed within these systems of conflict management. These skills were put to practice and then evaluated.

Ocsp – Questions & Answers

Are you struggling with settling disputes? Our Out of Court Settlement Practice has been running for quite some time, helping a number of individuals save their time and finances when dealing with taxing disputes.

Deepening Democracy – Open Discussion 2019

As a new political era, dawned upon the people of South Africa, the words of our president Cyril Ramaphosa speak of a number of objectives that are not only attainable but are grounded in the vital enrichment of our country.