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National Taxi Lekgotla 2020

As the taxi industry is recorded to be the largest mover of individuals transportation-wise, a National Lekgotla is taking place from Thursday 29 October to

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Tips To Resolve Conflict

Having conducted quite a few conflict resolutions sessions and facilitating the understanding of the topic to many, I mustered up some tips from all my reading and exposure that I use in my facilitation sessions.

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Click’s – Dialogue The Missing Strand

The Click’s hair debacle proved again
how quickly common ground is disappearing amongst us as a country. Yes, the hair issue warrants a response and points to the need to change the race-based and stereotypical lenses through which we look at others in creating a home for all.

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‘From Competition to Collaboration’ Workshop was facilitated by CEO, Craig Arendse and co-facilitator, Rene Ngwenya. Day 1 provided the space for introduction of both the program, facilitators and participants. Various systems of conflict management were introduced and identified.


Day 2 of the ‘From Competition to Collaboration’ Workshop unpacked the various skills and tools needed within these systems of conflict management. These skills were put to practice and then evaluated.

Ocsp – Questions & Answers

Are you struggling with settling disputes? Our Out of Court Settlement Practice has been running for quite some time, helping a number of individuals save their time and finances when dealing with taxing disputes.

Deepening Democracy – Open Discussion 2019

As a new political era, dawned upon the people of South Africa, the words of our president Cyril Ramaphosa speak of a number of objectives that are not only attainable but are grounded in the vital enrichment of our country.