Our Out Of Court Settlement Practice

Leveraging our extensive conflict-resolution and problem-solving background, we offer a unique approach to resolving issues. These range from unfair dismissals, divorce matters, civil disputes, labour issues, domestic issues to corporate disputes, interdepartmental/ inter-organisational and insurance claim disputes.

With 20 years of Conflict Resolution and Dispute Design in various sectors under our belt, we’re well-versed in the art of conflict resolution.

Our amicable alternatives are made up of meaningful and measurable interventions. Our Dispute Systems are designed in such a way that it allows you to anticipate potential conflict as soon as it arises, curtailing it before it escalates.

Through our Out Of Court Settlement (OCSP) practice, we can help you resolve conflict the RACS way, whether you’re an individual or an organisation.

Corporate OCSP

More often than not, management and leadership do not have the time on their hands to deal with conflict effectively. It could also be a case of not being adept at or equipped with the necessary training and systems to implement good conflict management interventions.

Our work is guided by best-practice solutions and ensures that appropriate interventions are introduced that are measurable and focused on driving processes, shifts in culture, and the creation of early warning interventions for the future.

As specialists in resolving people-based problems and creating dynamic and sustainable ecosystems, we can help you deal with conflict amicably and professionally, creating a culture of collaboration and cohesion.

Our systems and interventions are designed to give way to a more positive, productive environment that leads to a more successful and sustainable business.

We offer the following OCSP
Corporate solutions:

  1. Dispute Systems Design
  2. Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training
  3. Communication & Team Cohesion Workshops
  4. Mediation & Relationship Building Interventions

General OCSP

The benefits of harnessing learning and development alongside change management are that it results in an agile organisation fully equipped with organisational readiness.


We provide an array of specialist support and expertise, which includes the services of attorneys, psychologists, educators, theologians and many other professionals who all have been trained and have extensive experience in the alternative dispute resolution principles, all managed by the RACS team.

We facilitate in the following general dispute areas:

  1. Labour-related Disputes
  2. Contractual Disputes
  3. Divorce Matters
  4. Insurance Policy Disputes

Work with us

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