Our  Learning, Development &
 Change Management  Practice

We design bespoke solutions for organisational change, aligning structure and practice with the vision and mission. Our work includes assisting organisations with team development, team cohesion, strategy development, stakeholder relations, conflict resolution and change management.

Change Management

Building the capacity to adapt to change is the primary focus of our change management practice.

This methodology enables the cultivation of sustainable and transformative environments. Through this work, we help individuals actively deal with fears associated with change.

We provide our clients with the necessary building blocks to exercise effective and efficient teamwork, coupled with relationship-building skills, to transform the organisation’s culture and environment holistically.

Learning And Development And Change Management

We guide, advise, and support our clients in team development, team cohesion, strategy development, stakeholder relations, conflict resolution and change management.

We assist companies in meeting their strategic goals and, in turn, help to address the significant skills development deficit in the country.

Our clients include the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Stellenbosch, University of the Western Cape, The South African Heritage Agency, and Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institution over the past two years.
Premised on being present in every moment and shifting our focus towards how we will get there, our practice focuses on more than the desired outcomes.

1. Coaching

Coaching plays a key role in personal and professional growth. It allows clients to gain a deeper level of understanding about their journey outside, within or alongside a programme.

During individual and group coaching sessions in the LCPD programme, HODs explore personal mastery and professional development to discover and strengthen their potential to excel as leaders and managers in their respective departments. Coaching sessions provide an opportunity for further inquiry and personal reflection on feedback received from other aspects of a programme and the knowledge gained from the Capacity Building Workshops and Masterclasses with the support of an experienced coach.

Coaching sessions also support leaders in effectively conducting similar sessions with their teams, enabling them to offer comprehensive and constructive engagement to others.

2. Capacity Development Workshops

Bespoke training workshops address the required acquisition of knowledge and technical skills concerning the effective implementation of the client’s role and duties in their respective field. These tailor-made workshops consider the areas of needs specified by the client in terms of Technical Leadership, Social Process Leadership, and Global Strategy and Context Leadership. A needs analysis is conducted to diagnose and ascertain the relevant learning needs that require attention.

As part of our Learning and Development Practice, we have introduced masterclasses through our Capacity Development Programmes, piloted, and presented to HODs at a South African tertiary institution. Masterclasses are designed according to specific needs areas expressed and identified by participants. The masterclasses aim to address the technical skills required to enable a progressive, relevant, professional, and ethically sound organisation. Masterclasses are presented and facilitated by experts who offer their expertise in engaging, exciting, and innovative ways. 

Themes identified for the Masterclasses could include the following:

The Benefits Of A Blended Approach

The benefits of harnessing learning and development alongside change management are that it results in an agile organisation fully equipped with organisational readiness. 

An agile organisation is characterised by the following:

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