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Transformation Of The Minibus Taxi Industry Requires Reform And Integration

The minibus taxi industry is the lifeblood of public transport and plays a pivotal role in South Africa, supporting millions in moving towards opportunity, services, education and amenities. But with the many challenges facing the industry, meaningful interventions are needed to successfully transform the sector, writes Wesley Levendal and Amaan Phiri. Reform within South Africa’s minibus taxi industry continues to gain momentum. Importantly, the winds of reform seek to integrate the minibus taxi industry within the more structured and subsidised transport...

8 reasons to choose Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is increasingly touted as a cut above the traditional legal approach to resolving disputes. RACS Business Manager Melanie February explores the alternative and rounds up some of the many benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution. “I wasn’t aware that my dispute could be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution and at such an affordable rate” is a common response from people who opt for mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution. Over the decades, most disputes — whether personal or commercial, have...

In Pursuit of Peace: Understanding the Value of Peace and the Peacemaker

The instrumental value of peace is often amplified in the absence of it. And sadly, we don't always realise the necessity of peace until it is removed through violence, various forms of conflict in relationships, hopelessness, and even anxiety. Lorna Balie explores the value of peace and the fundamental role of the peacemaker. Peace, which can be regarded as an individual's subjective experience of inner calm, stability and contentment, is an ideal that can also be experienced and achieved in relationships,...

Nation Building Unpacked – A Response To The Brackenfell High School Conflict

“Dialogue is not an optional extra in South Africa, but an urgent imperative if we are to move into a non-racial future,” one of the sentiments shared by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba. The Brackenfell High School racial concern is yet another reminder of just how much deeper South Africans have to dig to uproot deeply entrenched systemic issues, such as racism. Much to our detriment, racism has remained ingrained in the structure of society and does not simply exist as a fragment...