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Leading The Way In Learning And Development

As the world continually changes and evolves, as with the advent of the pandemic and the fourth industrial revolution, it gives rise to an increasingly competitive landscape for organisations. Donavon Goliath sums up some of the essentials to provide you with a glimpse of the wonderful world of learning and development and how we try to stay ahead of the curve to help our clients achieve greater success. KEEPING PEOPLE AND PROCESSES IN TOP SHAPE AND UP-TO-DATE If you believe that change...

Blue Dot Project Shows Power Of Collaboration

The Western Cape's transport department recently launched The Blue Dot Project to address several challenges in the minibus taxi industry in the Western Cape, including improving service delivery for passengers. RACS played a pivotal role in facilitating the collaboration between the government and the minibus taxi industry, which recently culminated in the successful launch of the project. We have always taken pride in our ability to engage meaningfully on transformative projects since the dawn of democracy, shepherding in our transition to...

Sho’t Left: Partnership And Collaboration Key To Driving Change In The Taxi Industry

The taxi industry is painted with many negative stereotypical tropes, but it plays an important role in our economy and provides a key public transport service for millions of South Africans. Craig Arendse and Ihsaan Gasnolar look at meaningful ways of resolving the challenges faced by the taxi industry and commuters and how — through partnership, collaboration and constructive dialogue, we can make the taxi industry work better and harder for all South Africans. The taxi industry moves more than 14...