Prevent. Manage. Resolve. Transform.

RACS is a leading tech-oriented conflict resolution and change management practice.

We are shaping the culture and future of dispute resolution and mediation.

Resolve and Change System (RACS) is a trusted, premier dispute resolution practice based in Cape Town. Our experience in this specialised industry spans over 20 years.

By offering practical tools and expert resources to resolve and manage conflict situations amicably, fairly, and constructively, we redefine how people see conflict. Guided by our four fundamental values, we solve people-based problems and create cutting-edge solutions that are adaptable, transformative, and sustainable.


We know how complex conflict situations can be, which is why we approach every situation with respect and integrity.


We keep our finger on the pulse of new developments in an ever-evolving industry, including the latest technologies.


We love what we do. Our work is our passion meets purpose, made visible. And that is to resolve conflict situations amicably and fairly.


We consider various viewpoints from a melting pot of people, which is our formula for success. Diversity is, after all, the lifeblood of our vibrant society.

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The word conflict often has negative connotations, but it’s not always so. On the contrary, conflict can be positive and productive, but the outcome lies in our approach. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the nature, dynamics, and level of conflict when managing conflict situations before deciding on an intervention.

RACS’ Conflict Analysis Tool is the first of its kind, shaving days off the process of identifying the level of conflict, saving you time and money.

An integral part of our practice is building relationships with our clients while offering strategic solutions to their conflict situation.