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World cup unity – a tonic for organisational change?

If national pride is measured in flag visibility, South Africa has surely blasted off the scales of the national pride barometer. The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been nothing less than a momentous success, and while some are concerned the current groundswell of patriotism will fizzle out into a listless hangover come the end of the tournament, there is much hope that the country, organisations and businesses can continue to leverage off it for years to come....

COVID-19 Combat Campaign
It is in times like these when resources are stretched, when physical and material needs are overwhelming, that fertile ground is created for the negative impact of badly managed conflict in our society. This is the time for clear thinking in managing this imposed change on our society and collaborative action in resolving the conflicting issues that are emerging from our newfound reality. Conflict brings change. Let not this crisis go to waste by stubbornly refusing to change as Covid-19 has already changed the world as we know it.